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This website was designed by me for a class on branding. The idea behind the branding class was to take an existing business and redesign the brand identity for that business. I decided to take a restaurant in Haverhill called Maria’s and redesign the brand. I felt as though the existing website and branding for Maria’s was an adequate to express the overall vibe of the restaurant. Maria’s is located in an historic turn-of-the-century building and the cuisine is top shelf. I found a background texture that looked very old-fashioned and used it for the background of this site. I then took the redesign logo I made using a font called Arizona. This font was exactly what I wanted for the new Maria’s. It is fancy but not too fancy and hard to read.  Plus it is not overused so it would appear to be a fresh and new. The site itself I designed on Adobe Muse CC and Adobe Photoshop.



I designed this site for a Dreamweaver class. My father-in-law is a realtor in New Hampshire and the name of his business is Sherlockhomes Realty. I made the site for him but he did not end up using it because he was retiring. Anyway the idea behind the site was to make it look friendly and easy to use. I did this by using colors and an easy to read san serif font. I also experimented with different colors and compositions until I found the most appealing design that expressed the feeling I wanted.



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