Margot Robbie


This is my portrait of Margot Robbie an Australian actress that stared in two summer movies. One was The Legend of Tarzan she played Lady Greystoke or Jane. I was very impressed by her portrayal of a strong self confident Jane. The second is Suicide Squad she plays Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn a super villain. I have not seen this movie yet but I am sure she does a great job being a super villain.

I have seen may illustrations done of her as Harley Quinn but it really is not my style. So I found this photograph of her and thought it would make a great portrait. The dress was a bit of a challenge at first I was just going to make it one color, but decided to try to make it by using the brush tool for the lager white patterns and the pencil tool for the finer lines.

This is the original photo from Margot Robbie daily on Pinterest. Margot Robbie




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